PHONE-CALL fraudsters pretending to to be police officers are attempting to steal money from the bank accounts of elderly and vulnerable people in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire.

Both West Mercia Police and Gloucestershire Constabulary have put out urgent warnings that criminals are phoning people up and posing as police officers, before attempting to obtain bank details.

Detective Inspector Emma Wright of West Mercia Police said: “We’ve received reports of fraudulent calls across our communities, whereby criminals are impersonating police officers asking their victims to part with cash. We’re pleased to see that some members of our communities are beginning to recognise scam calls and we are hugely grateful that you’ve continued to share these messages with your loved ones. Whilst our officers are working hard to investigate these incidents, we are once again asking you to reach out to elderly friends and family and remind them that a police officer will never ask them for money or to transfer funds to a courier.".