A HEREFORDSHIRE woman is warning parents of the dangers of confetti-filled balloons after a terrifying experience at a birthday party.

Amy Taylor was celebrating her daughter's first birthday on April 3 when her daughter started to lost consciousness.

"I had ordered some pretty rainbow confetti balloons," the Hereford mum said.

"Unfortunately one popped and left the foil pieces scattered across the patio. It didn't occur to me to pick them up. In an instant of being on the ground, she'd got a handful. They were quickly taken off her, but it turned out that she'd already done what every one-year-old does and decided to see what one tasted like."

Amy said the size and shape of the confetti meant it fitted perfectly like a plug in her daughter's windpipe.

"She made no noise, just silently started closing her eyes and going floppy," Amy said.

"I put her over my shoulder, and the pressure on her dislodged it enough for it to move, and she gasped for air and started crying, but as she took air in, it kept making her choke, and so over the knee she went."

An ambulance was called, and Amy's daughter was rushed to hospital, where the confetti piece was removed from her throat. She remained under observation for six hours before being allowed to return home.

"I never considered the inside of these balloons a choking hazard," Amy said.

"But with different things being added inside them, more awareness is needed of these potentially life-threatening additions."