COUNTY planners have rejected a scheme to build 30 homes in a north Herefordshire village.

Garnstone Estate Limited had submitted plans to Herefordshire Council to develop the land south west of Orchard Close in Dilwyn.

The proposals, which included 20 open market houses and 10 affordable homes, had the backing of the parish council.

Dilwyn parish council chairman Peter Kyles told today’s (April 7) planning and regulatory committee that there was a need for low-cost housing in the village.

“An ageing population needs to be reversed in this village,” he said.

“The application also has a wildlife corridor, an orchard for carbon capture, native trees being planted along its southern edge and it has a pool which is environmentally friendly.

“Our prime consideration is the village, community and its sustainability.”


But county council planning officers recommended refusing permission due to its location within the catchment of the River Lugg special area of conservation and the impact it would have on a nearby historic castle mound.

The scheme also lacked improvements to pedestrian access to local services and public transport.

Councillor Sebastian Bowen said the council needed to make sure it allowed the right developments in the right places.

“We have in this case already had some harm done to this setting but that does not mean we should add to that harm,” he said.

“It is an important heritage site. And although it may not be a huge castle mound or massive, towering walls it still has great significance in our history.”

He proposed rejecting the scheme and this was seconded by councillor Jeremy Milln.

The committee voted for refusal by ten votes to four.