THE 'top six' clubs in England showed their true colours when they went against the wishes of every football fan in the country to join a new European Super League this week, says the Hereford Times Sports Editor in an opinion piece.

Following an angry backlash and staring at losing millions in ticket and merchandise sales all six clubs have now backtracked with their tails between their legs.

What the whole project has shown is that the men who run these historic clubs are centred on creating money and not the foundations that made them a force in the game.

While these owners thought of the billions the project would create clubs up and down the country have faced their toughest year in living memory.

With nobody coming through the gates to watch grassroots football there has been no money to keep these community assets running.


Herefordshire clubs are no different and despite now being able to play under Government guidelines, they can only compete behind closed doors.

These clubs that also provide youth coaching and a community hub with their club house have only survived due to being well run by a loyal band of volunteers in past years and have had to dig deep into their reserves.

When crowds do return in June people will have a choice to make every Saturday or a Tuesday night.

Whether to watch the 'top six' on television or support a local club who give back to the community while providing a proper football experience.