AFTER 15 months Hereford swimming pool is re-opening.

Hereford Leisure Pool has confirmed that it will be reopening on the week commencing May 17 - but says it will confirm the exact day nearer the time.

Hereford Leisure Pool was forced to close in February 2020 when flooding caused major damage at the centre in St Martin's Avenue.

The work at the site has included an electrical upgrade, fire alarm replacement, lighting and work to the plant room, lightning protection, anti-climb measures for the roof, roof mounted pipework and concrete repairs.


In a post on Facebook, Hereford Leisure Pool said: "We can't wait to welcome you back again next month after so long without doing what we love. "Getting the community active again after all the struggle we have been through will 100 per cent be worth it.

"What activities are on offer and the exact day during this week when we will welcome you back is being finalised - we will let you know!

"Of course you will need to pre-book and we'll also let you know when bookings are live.

"There is no need to contact us - we will get in contact with you when we have all the details regarding memberships, swimming lessons etc."