Replying to Neil Barrington’s South Hereford Labour Party letter (15th April) referring to Newton Farm area by-election to appoint a representative on Hereford City and Herefordshire Council after the passing of True Independent, Bernard Hunt.

Mr Barrington is most welcome to meet me so that I can honestly update him on all of the Independent Councillor achievements which he appears unaware of.

During the last six years there have been; multimillion pounds worth of replacement and new homes for those in need, new street, footpath and cycleway networks, additional job opportunities to pay the rents and mortgages, volunteer run football clubs for 200 plus youngsters, Newton Farm info centre and charity shop, new 30 acre Country Park, boardwalk to pools and woodlands all maintained with agreements between Councils and Volunteers and – the list goes on.

Now that Covid restrictions are gradually being relaxed, anyone seeking ‘community cohesion’ at Newton Farm, such as Mr Barrington, will be welcome to enjoy fresh air and exercise within Belmont Haywood Country Park but please maintain a ‘social distance’ between the hundreds of local people who enjoy it daily. Ah, yes, another True Independent recent achievement.

Phil Edwards

Retired Independent Councillor and former Hereford City Mayor

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