At last the truth comes out! Finally, we get to see how OUR representatives ACTUALLY voted, not that there was ever any doubt surely.

In the biggest and most important vote of 20 years, one which could have solved many of our traffic problems now we know.


What news to find that Mr Bob ‘I never voted to support that’ Matthews says he was "shocked and surprised’’ by the fact that he abstained from the vote – well, I have to sadly say, it came as no surprise to me.

Perhaps given that, according to Mr Matthews, the ‘true independents’ agreed in their own meeting prior to the vote that they would all vote in the same way, is it now time for them to all stand down and let younger blood take their places – perhaps people who understand the modern voting systems used by the council or those who will stick to what they have agreed to with others?

After all is said and done the true independents voted in all three ways, for, against and two abstained, there are only four of them!

It does seem however, they are not alone. Given that, when asked by the Hereford Times, many of the other councillors also got how they voted ‘wrong’.

Doesn’t instil confidence that any of these councillors are actually doing what they say they are to those who voted them into office does it?

Ray Weston

Stretton Sugwas

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