THERE'S a language that's almost disappeared from this fair county, with many once-common words no longer heard.

Have you ever heard of a spadger? Have you chawled on something recently, or do you suffer from screwmatics? We've put together a quiz to test how well you speak Herefordian.

What is an ardy straw? 

  1. A field mouse 
  2. Part of a plough 
  3. A cider-based drink
  4. A skinny person

What does 'borrow' mean?

  1. To loan an item from another
  2. To shelter from the wind
  3. To lend an item to another
  4. To sit down for a meal

 What is a chimmock?

  1. A type of smock 
  2. A chimney
  3. A small cake
  4. A chicken

What are dannies? 

  1. Feet
  2. Young goats
  3. Hands 
  4. Roast potatoes

What is a mawkin? 

  1. A songbird
  2. A type of spade
  3. A scarecrow
  4. A meat pie

What does pishty mean?

  1. Worn out, rubbish
  2. A bit tipsy
  3. Tired
  4. Angry

Which animal is known as a Sarah?

  1. Sheep
  2. Donkey
  3. Stoat
  4. Hare

What does 'swipe your horn' mean? 

  1. Beep your horn at another motorist
  2. Hurry up and finish your drink
  3. Play the trumpet
  4. Visit the bathroom

What is an unty-tump?

  1. A small hill
  2. A temper tantrum
  3. A stew
  4. A molehill

What is a yellerbee?

  1. A wasp
  2. A bumble bee
  3. A hornet
  4. A hoverfly


Finished? Now scroll down to find the answers below the picture - and let us know how you did!

Ledbury Reporter:

ANSWERS: 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 1, 4, 2, 4, 1