HEREFORDSHIRE has been named as one of the best places in the UK for public toilets as part of new research

The Public Toilet Index 2021 ranked Herefordshire 25th out of 200 places in the list with the highest number of open toilets per 10,000 population.

The county has a population of 192,801 and 79 public toilets, of which 59 are open, with 33 baby changing facilities, according to the research by PlumbNation.

It means Herefordshire scored 3.1 out of 10 for open toilets per 10,000 population.

Of the UK areas analysed, the Scottish Highlands, Dumfries and Galloway and Cornwall had the most open toilets per 10,000 population, with the Highlands having the most, at 9.2 toilets per 10,000 population.

The index also ranked UK cities with the most free toilets and the most accessible toilets, with Edinburgh coming top in both lists.