Great to see that a latter-day composer has made a lyrical contribution for the boys at Edgar Street.

A Yeoman of the Guard for many years following Hereford United and now Hereford FC, John Mokler's support has been unwavering.

In 1898, another football man, Sir Edward Elgar – who lived in Hereford from 1904 to 1911 but who supported Wolves, and frequently cycled to Molineux on his faithful Sunbeam Mr Phoebus – wrote probably the first football song ever.

This other football man’s offering was rather un-enigmatically called “He banged the leather for goal” in celebration of his favourite player Billy Malpass.

Without quite the pomp or circumstance of his predecessor we wonder if our Eardisley friend has now replaced Edward Elgar in the charts

Garth Lawson


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