ILLEGALLY parked cars and dangerous hedges are just some of the issues that have been reported on a website dedicated to showcasing local street crime and issues in Herefordshire and beyond.

FixMyStreet allows people to file any reports and community issues. These issues are then automatically flagged with the relevant local councils.

It was a built by the charity mySociety, a non-profit organization which helps people with technology, research and data that individuals, journalists, and civil society can use, openly and for free.

Here are some of the issues that have been reported by Herefordshire residents on the website:

Illegal parking

On May 8, one user complained about dangerous parking at the junction of Stanhope Street and Chandos Street in Hereford.

They wrote: "Parking not only on double yellow lines, but also sticking out over junctions. Makes it difficult for a normal car to turn into the junction, let alone a van or emergency vehicle."

Water leak

Cathy Kennedy reported a constant and "slowly increasing leak in Holmer on May 6.

"The leak has been happening since late February," she wrote.

"It is not a leak from the pipes of Holmer House Farm or White Gates."

But with Welsh Water reportedly telling her it is not a mains leak and therefore not their issue, Cathy said she did not know where else to report it.

Dangerous hedging

One anonymous reporter voiced their concerns over the size of a hedge at the junction of the Sugwas Pool lane and the A438, which they said obscures the view of motorists and is a "tragedy waiting to happen."

"I and the residents of the lane would very much appreciate the remove of this dangerous hedge before tragedy strikes," they wrote.


Black bags filled with sandwich and crisp wrappers were reported to have been flytipped behind fencing in Canal Road on April 22.

Annoying lighting

One user took to the site to report a light being on all the time in a side street near the river Wye.

"The light on the wall of Gwynne House is now on all the time. It's just above the Left Bank sign," the anonymous reporter wrote on April 16.

Unswept streets

The state of a cut-through between Hereford's Commercial Street and Maylord Orchards was a cause for concern for one shopper, who reported it to Herefordshire Council on April 7.

"This block pave area/path from Maylord Ochards to the alleyway leading onto Commercial Street (by Greggs bakery) is covering what seems like seeds from the trees and needs to be swept and jet washed before it becomes moist when it has rained then people risk slipping over," they wrote.