As Covid restrictions ease and we start to resume more normal life again, I wanted to publicly express my gratitude and admiration for the work of Martha Trust in Hereford.

It is a nursing home that provides life-long care for profoundly handicapped young people.

I have personal experience of their skill, experience and devotion which provides a quality of life for residents which I believe is second to none.

During the pandemic, the staff have kept vulnerable residents safe and, while families have been unable to visit, they have provided the loving care, hugs and hand holds which families have missed so much.

Residents’ individual needs are met in a loving, secure home environment with opportunities given to thrive and to fulfil their potential by staff who see beyond the disability to nurture and respect the personality of those in their care.

The wonderful work that such nursing homes do, especially in these Covid times, is a beacon of hope for families and a tribute to the people of Hereford.

Jeanette Forrester

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