AN AMERICAN company which has set its sights on Herefordshire for its new UK headquarters hopes it can help the area recover from the coronavirus pandemic. provides driving courses in the United States, but has announced it has picked Ledbury for its new headquarters – a town which it says has been "devastated economically" by Covid-19.

As part of the expansion into the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish markets, bosses are now looking for office space in Ledbury.

"In addition to the setting up of a new European operations headquarters and limited corporation, also announced that it has funded and formed," a spokesperson said.


"The company hopes that non-profit and charity-driven sites will bring digital awareness to local brick-and-mortar businesses in the Herefordshire countryside.

"Much like other tech companies, hopes to give back heavily to its community.

"Ledbury as a town has been devastated economically by the pandemic. The market town dates back to the 1600s and is a popular stop for tourists on their way to Wales but saw closures to local stores for much of 2020."

Enforia Ventures Inc is the parent brand of,,, and says it has more than 10 years of experience promoting safe driving habits.

Along with helping people save on auto insurance, the brand says it promotes defensive driving, ticket dismissal courses, drivers' education, and online approved coursework.

Executive Director Brandon Myer said: "With the launching and continuous build of, Enforia Ventures hopes to give back to a community it now resides.

"This community is special. It's not just the company that has a future here but my family as well."


The decision to fund comes after Myers had "meaningful meetings" with business owners in the town where it became clear the town is in a perfect position to rebound and ground.

And that, the company says, is part of the reason it was picked.

Ledbury's mayor Dan Vesma disagreed that the town had been "devastated" by Covid, but welcomed the news.

Ledbury Reporter: Ledbury mayor Dan Vesma doesn't agree that Ledbury has been devastated by coronavirus restrictionsLedbury mayor Dan Vesma doesn't agree that Ledbury has been devastated by coronavirus restrictions

"I’m very pleased to hear that DefensiveDriving is looking to open offices in Ledbury," he said.

"Whilst I do not agree with Mr Myers’ assertion that Ledbury has been 'devastated economically' by the pandemic, Covid-19 has clearly had very serious consequences for many in the town, and inward investment is to be welcomed.

"The town council, our local traders and their employees have all worked incredibly hard during this past year, and our community remains open for business."