CONCERNS over the condition of Ledbury's war memorial have led to councillors calling for an investigation.

We previously reported how, despite a costly restoration, the memorial was in a state of disrepair, with green algae and cracks in the foundation.

As a result, Ledbury Town Council has decided to meet with architects to discuss the issues and to commission an in-depth report on what needs to be done to bring the War Memorial and surrounding paving to an acceptable standard.

At a meeting of the environment and leisure committee held on May 20, councillors had the opportunity to consider a report provided by Mr Ellis and the initial findings of the council’s architects, on the condition of the memorial in High Street.

At that meeting it was agreed that the chair, vice-chair and clerk should meet with the architects.

Following receipt of this report the council will consider their options in respect of how to proceed with the works required.

A spokesman said: "The council would ask that members of the public bear with them whilst they follow due process to ensure the war memorial is repaired to an acceptable standard and consider their options with regard how these works will be undertaken."

In February, we reported how there were concerns buses could be hitting the memorial while on their route.

At a meeting, Cllr Andrew Manns said that cracks had appeared in the memorial, which was built after the First World War to honour Ledbury’s fallen.

Newcomer Stephen Chowns, who was in his first full meeting as a councillor, said: "Can I just ask if it's intended when the work is done that some sort of bollard post would be put up to prevent bus drivers thinking they can drive over it?"

Town clerk Angela Price replied: "It is an option that's being considered.

"You don't need listed building consent to do that because there is no curtilage to the memorial.

"The paving area and roadside doesn't come under the listed building element, but you would probably require planning permission."

Cllr Elizabeth Harvey, who represents the Ledbury North ward on Herefordshire Council, said: "There is a myriad of rules to do with putting things adjacent to the highway which impacts on whether can get bollards or something like that put between the war memorial and the kerb.

"Just because there's not a lot of spaces, that's why the memorial seems to be being damaged.

"It's frustrating that it seems to be getting more damage now that is has previously.”

But she added: "The problem is maybe that we can't put anything that is protective because there just isn't enough space, it would interfere with the memorial itself.

"I think working with the highways team to see what can be done, and the conservation officers can advise without having to go through formal consultation, so hopefully we can try and find a resolution to it."