AS Royal Mail operative Kyle was driving out of Leominster town centre he noticed what looked like a smallish grey-coloured rock in the road ahead as it flipped over when the vehicle front passed it by.

“That’s not a rock”, he thought, and he pulled over to investigate.

He was absolutely right. It was, in fact, my wallet, stacked with cards, cash and ID documents.

I had been to the Co-op and to B&Q, where I found I could not pay.

After retracing my steps proved fruitless, I went home to Leysters to take remedial action, just as the post lady arrived with the day’s mail – and so did Kyle, bearing my wallet in his hand!

He had located and identified me from my driving licence and was coincidentally en route to another address nearby and therefore able to promptly return my wallet to me intact.

It appears that I placed my wallet on the roof when loading my Co-op shopping into the car, where it stayed until I passed the barometer shop and took the bend into Broad Street.

Needless to say, I was impressed with Kyle’s exemplary display of public spirit and would have rewarded him on the spot but only managed to get his name before he went swiftly on his way.   

Kalvin Haley