QUICHES were the order of the day at a popular Hereford cafe.

Members of our We Grew Up in Hereford Facebook group have been reminiscing on brunches, lunches, and afternoon stops at Hereford’s Marches Cafe.

The Union Street cafe was a popular haunt for many, who remembered ‘beautiful’ quiches and salads.

“How did they make their quiches? So cheesy and tasty. I tried hard to duplicate, but never managed it,” wrote Chris Stone.

“They started in a little shop in the early 70s, as a wholefood shop with a few seats at the back where you could have a bowl of their lovely soup and a roll for 50p, and just got bigger and bigger!”

Karen Preece echoed her thoughts. “Wish they were still going. Their quiches, salads, and fruit scones were the best,” she wrote.