THERE are fresh calls to reinstate evening and Sunday bus services from one town to Hereford, with campaigners saying lack of transport is limiting locals.

Services between Hereford and Kington were cut back in 2015 as the Government slashed Herefordshire Council’s funding, but a environmental group feels there is now sufficient demand.

Kington Local Energy and Environment Network said the town’s businesses, young people, job seekers, those who don’t own a car, and people who wish to help the environment were losing out.

Group member Judith Gardner said she wanted to see the evening and Sunday buses on the 461/2 route between Kington and Hereford restored.

“Since services were cut in 2015, Kington, one of Herefordshire’s six market towns, has no bus connection with Hereford after 6.16pm and no connection at all with Leominster – its nearest major centre and railway station.

“The lack of services significantly constrains local lives and opportunities, for both older as well as younger people.

“It’s an economic as well as a social issue with many unable to commute to Hereford for work opportunities because they simply can’t get back at night.

“The nearby rural population plus villages and hamlets along the route are also affected.”

She said Kington desperately needed its tourism economy boosted as the country comes out of the coronavirus pandemic, and a better bus service would enhance it as a destination, especially for weekend walking breaks.

A survey carried out by the group revealed 37 per cent of more than 100 respondents did not own a car, and 25 per cent had no access to other transport.

Herefordshire Council recently accepted £100,000 from the Government to improve bus services in Herefordshire, as part of the National Bus Strategy.