AN interactive map showing how many people have received their Covid vaccine by each postcode area has been released.

The map, which shows the total number of first and second doses across Herefordshire and the rest of England, reveals areas with the highest and lowest uptake.

It comes just weeks after the vaccination programme was rolled out to everyone over the age of 18, with all adults now able to have their jab.

The map reveals Bromyard and Bishop's Frome; Colwall, Cradley and Wellington Heath; Fownhope, Tarrington and Marcle; Hereford East; and Shobdon, Luston and Bodenham are the areas where more than 85 per cent of people have had more than one dose.

More than 70 per cent of people in Colwall, Cradley and Wellington Heath; Fownhope, Tarrington and Marcle; and Shobdon, Luston and Bodenham have had two doses.

The map, which can be accessed here, shows the total number of vaccines given to everyone aged 18 and over across council areas in England.

The map also shows a more detailed breakdown with vaccination figures broken down at almost postcode level by what's known as the Middle layer Super Output Areas.

MSOA are areas are smaller than local authorities and have an average population of 7,000.

Belmont, Madley and Clehonger

First dose: 81.9 per cent

Second dose: 63.5 per cent

Bromyard and Bishop's Frome

First dose: 85.9 per cent

Second dose: 69.4 per cent

Colwall, Cradley and Wellington Heath

First dose: 87.7 per cent

Second dose: 71.9 per cent

Credenhill, Weobley and Wellington

First dose: 81.0 per cent

Second dose: 61.6 per cent

Fownhope, Tarrington and Marcle

First dose: 86.3 per cent

Second dose: 70.1 per cent

Golden Valley

First dose: 80.1 per cent

Second dose: 63.7 per cent

Hereford Central

First dose: 71.2 per cent

Second dose: 51.5 per cent

Hereford East

First dose: 86.0 per cent

Second dose: 68.2 per cent

Hereford North East

First dose: 83.5 per cent

Second dose: 64.5 per cent

Hereford North West

First dose: 80.4 per cent

Second dose: 61.2 per cent

Hereford South

First dose: 76.5 per cent

Second dose: 57.0 per cent

Hereford South West

First dose: 71.9 per cent

Second dose: 51.3 per cent

Hereford West

First dose: 77.0 per cent

Second dose: 56.2 per cent

Kingstone and Kingsthorne

First dose: 81.2 per cent

Second dose: 63.7 per cent

Kington, Eardisley and Staunton

First dose: 80.7 per cent

Second dose: 66.9 per cent


First dose: 83.5 per cent

Second dose: 65.5 per cent

Leominster North

First dose: 80.6 per cent

Second dose: 64.3 per cent

Leominster South

First dose: 79.9 per cent

Second dose: 63.7 per cent

Lugwardine, Withington and Moreton-on-Lugg

First dose: 79.9 per cent

Second dose: 62.4 per cent

Penyard, Llangarron and Goodrich

First dose: 74.6 per cent

Second dose: 60.9 per cent


First dose: 80.2 per cent

Second dose: 63.9 per cent

Shobdon, Luston and Bodenham

First dose: 85.9 per cent

Second dose: 70.1 per cent

Wigmore, Orleton and Brimfield

First dose: 83.2 per cent

Second dose: 68.8 per cent

The map is correct as of Thursday, July 1 at 4pm.

Rebecca Howell-Jones, Herefordshire’s Director of Public Health said last week: “I’d encourage everyone who has yet to book their vaccine appointments to take the opportunity to do this now,”.

“This is a really important action we can each take today to protect ourselves, our families and Herefordshire communities. If you have questions about the vaccines please look on the website, by searching ‘NHS covid vaccine’.”