JUST when you thought it was safe to crawl out from behind the sofa, a Dalek has arrived in Herefordshire from the set of Dr Who.


Bromyard’s Time Machine Museum of Science Fiction received its latest suit of extra-terrestrial battle armour direct from the Shepperton Studios. The prop was used in the filming of the 2013 film special, An Adventure in Time and Space, which marked 50 years of Dr Who.


It has now joined hundreds of other props and costumes from 57 years of the show at the town’s Square. Other items include a beaten-up old Tardis from the Jon Pertwee era, Colin Baker’s blue cloak, a weeping angel from 2007’s Blink and the only surviving silurian head from 1970’s Dr Who and the Silurians.


As well as the Dr Who collection, the museum also includes rare items from other sci-fi shows including Gerry Anderson puppets, Red Dwarf, Star Trek, Star Wars and others.


The collection, amassed over 30 years by proprietor Andy Glazzard, is housed in a 400-year-old building. “It used to be a bakery and has spooky cellars which are really great for a sci fi exhibition,” said Andy. “There are literally hundreds of props costume and pieces of memorabilia crammed into this place — there’s something lurking behind every corner.”


Until the end of September, the museum is open every day except Tuesdays from 10-30am-1pm and 2-4pm. After this, until the end of March, it is open only at weekends. Entry is £8 for adults and £6 for children.


For details, visit timemachineuk.com.