FORMER BBC Top Gear star Richard Hammond has been seen filming his new TV show in Hereford.

Now a presenter of Amazon Prime's The Grand Tour, Hammond opened his new business in Hereford on Saturday (August 28) as part of a new show.

Hammond, who lives in Weston-under-Penyard near Ross-on-Wye has been working on The Smallest Cog, a new show for Discovery+ UK where he'll open his own car restoration and repair workshop in Hereford.

Ledbury Reporter: Film crews at HMS Engineering in Rotherwas, HerefordFilm crews at HMS Engineering in Rotherwas, Hereford

Chimp Productions said: "In this entertaining docusoap we follow Richard Hammond as he opens his own prestige restoration and repair workshop.

"The business will focus on rare and collectible bikes and cars, from vintage classics to modern hyper-cars. Across the series Richard will be front and centre.

"He’ll be drumming up trade from his extensive motoring connections, showcasing his team’s work at car shows and rolling up his sleeves to lend a hand at the sharp end."


Hammond, 51, was in Rotherwas as TV crews filmed him opening the new business in Rotherwas with local mechanics.

Ledbury Reporter: Classic cars including Fords, Jaguars and Bentley’s were parked up Classic cars including Fords, Jaguars and Bentley’s were parked up

When discussing the reason behind him starting his new business, Hammond told DriveTribe: ”It’s in my bones. My grandfather was a coachbuilder; he worked at Mulliners in Birmingham and thereafter at Jensen in West Bromwich.

"I’ve always wanted to prove to him that there’s more to me than driving around the world, talking about other people’s supercars, crashing them and then pretending to weld them up in a desert.

“It’s also about a passion of mine to preserve crafts – my grandfather could work with wood, metal and just about anything.

"I wanted to do something real in the car industry rather than just being a commentator on the outside of it. This business is the perfect opportunity for me to do that.”

Ledbury Reporter: Hammond’s Opel Kadett, as seen in Top Gear’s Botswana special, was one of the cars involvedHammond’s Opel Kadett, as seen in Top Gear’s Botswana special, was one of the cars involved

Hammond started the project with father and son Neil and Anthony Greenhouse from Tram Inn, near Allensmore.

Neil has been fixing cars for 30 years, with the Tram Inn garage servicing cars and car body repairs for 17 years.

The pair has already worked on restoring and repairing some of Hammond's cars, including Jaguar E-type and XK150, as well as his Bentley 

To fund the business, the presenter sold off some of his own cars and motorbikes.

Sold off at The Classic Sale by Silverstone Auctions on Sunday, August 1, the line-up of vehicles included a 1969 Porsche 911T, a 1999 Lotus Esprit Sport and a 1927 Sunbeam Model 2.

"The irony of me supporting my new classic car restoration business by selling some of my own classic car collection is not wasted on me," said Hammond.

He added: "It is with a very heavy heart that they go, as they have a great deal of personal sentimental value, but they will be funding the future development of the business and giving life back to countless other classic vehicles."