People fear plans to extend a holiday homes park in rural Gloucestershire could lead to an increase in car accidents.

Mr & Mrs Godrey want permission to station an extra 15 static homes in Ford House Road, Newent.

If approved, the 0.84-acre site would have a maximum of 24 holiday homes of a standard modern type.

Consultants working on the scheme say it will be a sustainable development which will boost the local economy and provide more tourism opportunities.

“They will be provided on site for occasional and long-term letting but will be kept in smart and good order and replaced as soon as any elements of dilapidation become apparent,” the developer’s design and access statement reads.

“The proposal is in a sustainable location and there are good facilities in nearby Newent and Ledbury.”

But more than a dozen residents have concerns over road safety and have objected to the scheme along with Newent Town Council.

Gail Davis, an objector, said Ford House Road is a single carriageway with no passing bays and would be unable to take the increase in traffic.

She also said the junction where the road meets with Strawberry Hill on the Tewkesbury Road is very dangerous.

“Traffic coming down Strawberry Hill look to their right and pull out into traffic emerging from Ford House Road,” she said.

“This needs to be looked at by the Highways and reassessed.”

Resident Dr Ian Kelsey has also warned of the hazards at the junction with Tewkesbury Road.

“The adjacent Strawberry Hill junction on a blind bend means that traffic turning right from Strawberry Hill is looking right as they turn and relying on their peripheral vision along Tewkesbury Road to warn them of oncoming traffic from their left.

“In my experience they are unable to see traffic coming out of Ford House Road.

“At holiday times, traffic from Ford House Rd is already excessive and additional traffic will increase the risk of accidents significantly.”

Town councillors say the plans should be turned down as there is no business plan and only three of the nine neighbouring properties were consulted about the scheme.

They also say the access road is not suitable for an increase in traffic and is in a poor condition.

However, Gloucestershire County Council highways officers have not raised any objections about the scheme.

And planning officers at Forest of Dean District Council recommend approving the proposals subject to conditions.

They say the expansion would bring more visitors to the area and create jobs. It would also lead to greater tourism-related spending in the area and district as a whole.

Councillors will debate the plans at the planning committee meeting on September 14 in Coleford.