HAVE you ever had that feeling that you really must get up and start dancing?

Are you sick of sitting on your couch night after night, itching for something to do?

If you have a penchant for moves then Destiny Dawe could be the person to get you motivated and up and dancing.

She is trained in all kinds of dance from street dance to hip hop to musical theatre and jazz.

Dance has become more popular with youngsters in recent years.

Ever since the onset of disco there has hardly been a more exciting time for people to get off their seats and onto the dance floor.

In recent years hip hop or street dance has become more popular and mainstream and this is where Destiny comes in.

If you are a wall flower who always sits out the dancing at events, then Destiny’s DBeatz class could be right up your street.

Destiny is launching a series of dance classes in Ledbury which are perfect for youngsters and there is sure to be a class for your child.

Here, Destiny explains how her dance classes started. Like many dancers she has been making moves for over ten years and has come up with a series of classes covering most types of dance.

Destiny said: “My name is Destiny Dawe and I am the dance teacher for my brand new DBeatz Dance Classes.

“I have been dancing for around 10 years and have trained in styles Street Dance, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Contemporary and Jazz.

“I am so excited to share my passion for dance with younger age groups.

“I also have 4+ years of teaching/choreographing experience and I’m ecstatic to be finally starting my own dance classes.

“To begin with, there will be 2 classes running every Sunday at Halo Ledbury Swimming Pool Studio, starting from Sunday 26th September.

“These will be for two different age groups. Ages 8-11 years will be from 10AM-11AM and ages 12-17 years will be from 11AM-12PM.

“I’m hoping to add in more classes through the upcoming months for both older and younger dancers.”

It doesn’t matter if you have no experience in dance - the fun classes are just the ticket to get you started or to hone your skills.

“Anyone is welcome to the classes whether you have dance experience or whether you are starting out from scratch.

“I am looking forward to supporting children and teens of all abilities.

“I will be teaching a range of styles including Street Dance, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Contemporary and more, this will change week on week.”

Above all, dancing should be fun and children love expressing themselves through the medium of dance.

“My main aim for classes is to allow all children and teens to feel like they can be themselves, meet new people, improve confidence, improve dance skills and most of all, have fun.”

For more details regarding booking your place, please email destiny.dbeatz@gmail.com or check my Facebook Page or Instagram (DBeatz Dance Classes).

I look forward to seeing you there.”