ACTRESS and model Elizabeth Hurley has angered neighbours after felling trees on her Herefordshire country estate, the Mail Online has reported.

They say they area has been left "looking like a battlefield" as a result.

And they fear the effect of the felling on wildlife.


According to the Mail Online, one said: "The undergrowth was full of wildlife, including deer and badgers, and now many of the trees have been cut down and everything crushed to remove the logs."

But a spokesman for Ms Hurley said 21 trees were felled after she was given professional advice that several had to come down for safety reasons. One had already fallen into neighbouring property.

Some dead trees were also removed to stop the infecting others.

Ms Hurley has had high-profile relationships with actor Hugh Grant and Australian cricketer Shane Warne. She was married to businessman Arun Nayar from 2007 until 2011.

Now aged 56, she has lived in Donnington Hall, near Ledbury, since 2021.

She appeared to take a little time to settle into country life in Herefordshire; in 2013 she complained that noisy sheep were keeping her awake.

She is sometimes seen out and about in the county.

In 2018 she was at Bromsberrow Heath Dog Show and Family Fun Day, near Ledbury, where she entered her spaniel, Mia, and came away with a prize.