What is your name and age? Holly, 24 year

What is the name of your business? Holly Florence photography

Where do you operate? Based in Herefordshire but travel across the UK with wedding photography

How did you get into photography? I began shooting weddings aged 17 for family and friends. I'd always had a real passion for capturing the emotions and documenting the day.

What do you find couples want from a wedding photographer? Couples who come to me tend to want natural, documentary style photographs. I don't pose my couples, I only occasionally give prompts if they need this. This means that their photographs truly reflect the couple and who they are together. I sometimes joke I am a professional third wheel as I spend so much time time the couple of their big day. Its so important that you connect with your photographer for this reason!

What is the strangest request you have had in your job? Hmmm.. definitely to help the groom write his speech 20 minutes before we was due to leave. We gave it a good shot! I am not sure his new wife was too convinced though!