Chaos erupted at the Three Counties Showground yesterday as protesters blocked the entrance.

Defiant peace protesters blocked the entrance to a defence fair as part of an organised demonstration that attracted activists from all over the country.

Angry visitors had to turn around in their cars, with some even swearing at the protesters from their vehicles.

Videos were also circulating on social media of attendees pushing female activists to the floor as they forced their way past a human barricade.

Police attended the scene although they were largely unable to disperse the protestors, who had set up in sleeping bags and wooden structures at every entrance.

The Three Counties Showground is played host to Three Counties Defence and Security Expo (3CDSE) but a group of protestors gathered outside calling for its end.

A spokesman for the group, which is called Three Counties Against the Arms Trade, said: "Dozens of supporters of the campaign against a trade, which sells armaments, of all kinds, to dubious regimes across the world, are in Malvern.

"They are protesting against the Three Counties Defence and Security Expo being held at the Three Counties Showground."

One delegate said: "This is bonkers. They don't even know what they are protesting. 

"We had dinner last night and the conversation was all about green and renewable energy.

"It isn't an arms fayre. I don't sell arms."

The protesters formed a group called Three Counties Against the Arms Trade. Those who say they are taking part are: 

Peace Pledge Union
Pax Christi – England and Wales
Stop the War Coalition (Birmingham)
Coventry Justice and Peace
Coventry Friends of Palestine
Hereford Peace Council
Malvern Individuals for Peace
Extinction Rebellion Malvern
Extinction Rebellion Peace
Quakers from various Meetings
Hereford Palestinian Solidarity Campaign
Three Counties Campaign Against Arms Trade
Stroud Red Band

Our reporter spoke to one of the protesters Suzanne Savage from XR Malvern. 

She said: "It’s an amazing turnout of people who understand there’s a connection between this military, industrial complex which is responsible for massive conflict and human rights abuses across the world – there’s a connection between that abuse and the climate because the emissions from the military are absolutely sky-rocketing. In Britain our military alone emits enough carbon to equal that of 60 countries.

She added: "This is an arms and security exposition. We have Lockheed Martin here, we have BAE systems.

"These are companies that are accused and on trial of human rights abuses across the world. There is absolutely no doubt. It is a security and technology fair. Security is just a euphemism for the military."