LEDBURY Town Council has cautioned people to treat the Market House “with the respect it deserves” after reports of youngsters “bouncing” on its beams.

The statement, issued today (Thursday, November 4) says: “Ledbury Town Council feel it necessary to raise concerns over the safety of the Market House, in High Street.  

“The Market House is a 17th Century Listed Building and, as we are sure everyone appreciates, does not fair well to being mistreated.  

“Last night a group of youngsters were seen climbing on the beams and bouncing on them in order to jump off them into the street.  

“Such action is likely to cause harm to the beams with it resulting in expensive repairs being needed.  

“Therefore, we would ask that we all remember the age of the building and treat it with the respect it deserves. 

“As well as concerns for the safety of the Market House we are concerned for the safety of anyone climbing on the beams.  

“If the beams were to break the ground around the Market House is concrete and could potentially cause serious harm to anyone who may be on the beam or around the area at the time.

“We thank you for your co-operation and consideration in this matter.”