WESTERN Power Distribution reported that nearly 100 properties in Ledbury experienced power cuts today (Tuesday, November 16).

The problem was first reported at 10.30am and the firm expected it to be resolved by 6pm. A total of 92 addresses have been affected.

The outage was described as a “Low Voltage Incident” caused by a fault on the underground network. The power firm said: “These incidents tend to be smaller, more localised and could be why some of your neighbours still have power.” 

The postcodes affected were HR8 2XD (Orchard Place), HR8 2XA (Jubilee Close), HR8 2XH (Ferndown Road), HR8 2HP and HR8 2HN (Biddulph Way).

Anyone requiring priority assistance can contact Western Power on 0800 6783105 quoting incident code INCD-12976-c.

For more information, visit powercuts.westernpower.co.uk.