DEVELOPERS of a new care home in Ledbury have been hit with a breach of condition notice after persistently blocking pavements with works vehicles.

The 64-bed Deer Park Care Home on Martins Way has been under construction since September 2020 and is due to open early next year.

However, nearby residents have long complained about construction workers parking their vehicles on roads around the site, such as St Katherine's Walk, and blocking pavements. 

As we reported back in May, the problem was made worse by pandemic restrictions that meant workers had to arrive at the site individually in their own vehicles. 

Despite the relaxation of rules about sharing vehicles, the problem has persisted. 

Ledbury resident Edd Hogan was among those to raise concerns earlier this year, prompting the town council to arrange a meeting with the contractor. 

Despite this intervention, the problem has persisted. 

Mr Hogan said: “When planning was approved I understand that contractor parking was a consideration and that a requirement for considerate parking etc was included. 

“Throughout the build this has clearly been ignored and I am aware that the town and county council have received complaints from residents nearby. The issues persist and, you could say, got worse in that more pavements are now being fully blocked with parked vehicles. 

“If pushchairs, wheelchairs and other pavement users are forced into the road then there’s an increased risk of a collision with a passing vehicle. This risk is foreseeable and avoidable.” 

In response to a message from Mr Hogan, County Councillor Helen I’Anson, who represents Ledbury South, said: “I write to let you know that a breach of condition notice has been issued to the contractors.”  

Mr Hogan said he was pleased that action had been taken on the issue to help prevent any future problems in the town. “Ledbury is about to see a significant increase in construction work. The number of contractor vehicles in the town and around the development sites will be considerable.”

Cardiff-based construction company Carter Lauren had not responded to a request for comment at the time of going to press.