THE LIFE and times of a notorious escape artist, destroyer of vegetable gardens, but charming companion have been documented in a new book by a Herefordshire writer.

Ebenezer had character in bucketful's according to his owner and writer Colin Palmer, of Ledbury.

The large billy goat's turbulent existence is recounted in a new full colour, 40-page booklet illustrated with photographs.

He had strong views about the place of goats in society and had no problem about demonstrating this through different incidents.

He was a stubborn creature, a resourceful escapist, destroyer of roses and vegetable gardens in the parish, and a dedicated misogynist, but could, when the will took him, be a charming, if eccentric companion, said Mr Palmer.

Ledbury Reporter: Ebenezer the billy goat Ebenezer the billy goat

The death of Ebenezer's previous owner led to an unexpected and unplanned 12 years with the Palmer family.

Fortunately, his arrival was before the development of the family Christmas tree farm (Coddington Christmas Tree Farm), which would undoubtedly have suffered from his mischief, said Mr Palmer.

The booklet was written as Mr Palmers 80-year-old cousin asked for a book of memories for a birthday present.

"Don't forget the goat" and "make it fun" were mandatory requests, said Mr Palmer.

It is written in three parts; Trials and Tribulations of a Goat Owner, The Goats Story and part three is for children called For the Younger Person.

Ledbury Reporter: Ebenezer eating bonnets on the farm Ebenezer eating bonnets on the farm

The booklet is £3.95 and available online at, from local bookshops, or from Coddington Christmas Tree farm.

All profits from the book will be donated to the development charity Practical Action.