A BROADCASTING and media company based in Herefordshire has been embracing Bollywood glamour.

IDP Film, which has offices in Hereford, was set up in 1989 by twin brothers Paul and Mark Edwards.

A chance meeting with a Bollywood producer while filming at Eastnor Castle in Ledbury in 2015 led to IDP being commissioned to help film a Bollywood film.

Since then the company has been involved in 26 Bollywood cinema productions.

Paul said: "We are often asked, are you the twins from Ledbury. It seems the media companies across India have put Ledbury on the world map."

The company has just completed its biggest production to date HeroPanti 2, which will be launched on Netflix in early 2022. The film is a sequel to 2014's HeroPanti.


The poster for Heropanti 2. Picture: IDP Film

The poster for Heropanti 2. Picture: IDP Film


The film is due in cinemas across India next year, with IDP said the film will have a viewing audience of more than 348 million worldwide.

Filming for the production began in late April and wrapped up in September.

Various locations were used including Blenheim Palace, Wellington College, the Lake District, London and various country estates.


Filming of HeroPanti 2 took place earlier this year. Picture: IDP Film

Filming of HeroPanti 2 took place earlier this year. Picture: IDP Film


IDP founder Paul Edwards said that being twins has given he and his brother a unique skill-set, an ability to fly and film at the same time.

Mark pilots a UAS aerial drone platform, while Paul operates a Cinema 6k camera, locking onto all the action.

"We are able to operate together as one, as the film director requests," Paul said.

"We don't make any mistakes and reshoots are not usually requested, remember time is money on large film sets.

During the filming of HeroPanti 2, the twins worked with Bollywood star Tiger Schroff, who ranked 40th in Forbes India's Celebrity 100 list in 2019.

Mark said: “When you are working with big stars like Tiger Shroff - there is no time for mistakes ... It’s got to be right.

"We even had Tiger Shroff come up to us after one particular film take and say “ you guys make it look so easy flying that large drone, brilliant."

The twins are set to be involved in another Bollywood film season, starting in February 2022.