IN what is now a favourite fixture of the festive season, Yvonne White has lit up her garden to score some funding for local football.

As is now a tradition for the Bye Street resident, her stunning display of Christmas cheer will help to boost the coffers of both Ledbury Town FC and Ledbury Swifts Junior FC.

In previous years, people from as far afield as Wales have travelled into town to admire the garden and leave a voluntary contribution for local sport. In previous years, Mrs White has been able to hand over hundreds of pounds to the clubs.

Football is close to Mrs White’s heart, because a grandchild plays for the Swifts and other members of her family are also involved with the local football scene.

Writing on Facebook this week, a club spokesman said: “Ledbury Town Football Club would like to extend a Santa-sized thank you to Mrs. Yvonne White, whose annual magnificent display of Christmas lights outside her home in Ledbury is once again raising voluntary contributions for both Ledbury Town FC and Ledbury Swifts Junior Football Club.

“Many thanks Yvonne for once again making such a generation gesture to help support the futures of both of the town's football clubs.”

Mrs White, who ran the Bye Street chip shop for 15 years, first developed an affection for Christmas lights back in 1976, and her seasonal hobby has grown from there.

Thanks to improving technology over the years, the electricity bill isn't much of a problem; with the use of modern LED lights Mrs White says she has got the bill down to about £25 for the Christmas season.

She said: "It's just lovely, seeing the children so excited; and it makes you feel excited yourself. But older people also ask me when the lights are going up.

"They bring seasonal cheer to everyone, regardless of age.”

As the renown of the display has grown over the years, visitors have travelled for miles to enjoy them — including from as far away as Kidderminster and Newport.

But no matter how far or short the distance travelled, Mrs White’s intention is always the same — to help spread the sheer joy of Christmas. And if the town’s football teams benefit too, then so much the better.