Ledbury Dance School has been running since 2007, Principal Karen Jones Is a registered Teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance and Silver Swan Instructor. Pilates instructor and personal fitness instructor.

Whether your goal is to dance ballet, focus on Pilates or one of the many other genres of dance, at Ledbury Dance Company you will be welcomed into a fun and friendly studio whose aim is to develop skills and self-confidence whatever your age.

Ledbury Dance Company welcomes a diversity of people and maintains a fun and friendly environment for all. We are proud to be Dancers, and develop each and everyone’s individual style, to fulfil their dancing potential and dreams.

We are based in the idyllic, historic market town of Ledbury, with our own purpose-built studio, barres and mirrors we offer several styles of Dance and Pilates.

Recently, we have been lucky enough to begin performing again to our audiences with huge success. The Dancing students at the school have progressed enormously and have continued to study for Exams despite the pandemic and recent lockdowns. Whilst we continue to study our syllabuses, we enjoy choreographing dances and routines for all to see.

Our classes run throughout the week, evenings and weekends. We are able to offer one to one classes, small group classes, keep fit and movement for the over 60s and mixed ability Pilates classes during the day time. Ballet classes are offered to all ages with the new and developing Sliver Swan classes we can offer a very gentil beginner approach to the wonderful discipline of the ballet world.

With hard work and dedication, whatever your age there are many positive benefits associated with learning the art of dance and Pilates. Besides learning the traditional techniques of ballet and other forms of dance, lessons can foster a positive self-image in young girls, as well as young boys. Dance teaches skill, grace, poise, self-discipline, self-confidence, strength, core stability and courage to all.

Ledbury Dance Company also offers Progressive Ballet Technique. Progressing Ballet Technique is an innovative program developed by Marie Walton-Mahon for students to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best in classical ballet.

Pilates is a complete exercise method developed by its founder, Joseph Pilates, who dedicated his lifetime to improving physical and mental health.

Pilates focuses on building your body's core strength and improving your posture through a series of repetition low impact stretching and conditioning exercises.

Street dance is a fusion of various dance forms mixing various elements from many different dances from old skool hip hop popping and locking to elements of jazz, contemporary and commercial dance making it into a very fast, physical, funky and exciting form of dance.

Routines are created to many new and relevant pop music, with everyone being encouraged to create and their own individual style.

With fun and energetic routines created cheerleading is an excellent gene of Dance. Many routines can contain many components of tumbling, dance, jumps, cheers, and stunting.

Gym Dance is all about spellbinding routines preformed on the floor. With using the flawless beauty of gymnastics, you will learn to express yourself to music whilst developing skills with ribbons, balls and hoops.

Contemporary dance combines the strong but controlled legwork of Ballet, with elements of Modern Dance, focusing on the contract and release of the body, and the unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed, and direction. It also employs floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation characteristics of Modern dance.