LYNN Jones of The Barn looks back at 2021 and ahead to the year 2022.

The Barn – our experience of 2021.

We have managed to have a successful year In the barn. The plant sales were great. However as restrictions came in, numbers went down but we have had some successful evening events. we are now planning on closing until restrictions are lifted.

The barn has continued to be a place of communication and energy flow with the music and the art at the forefront.

This seems to encourage people to come in and discuss events and installations with friends and strangers alike.

It has become somewhere where newcomers to Ledbury have found friends.

Anyone feeling a bit lonely and isolated have felt some comfort and some energy.

Rather than music being a ‘reason’to visit the Barn, it has become an excuse and this is especially true with the music club which has been a great success on Saturday afternoons. We have done simple street food with the woodfired pizza oven making it more jolly.

The next big thing will be the square in front of the barn which is going to be landscaped and which will give Ledbury town a proper town centre to hang out in and to commune. We hope there will be outside events of music, art and street performers which will encourage people to Ledbury.

Thank you to all our loyal customers and so looking forward to taking the barn into its next stage.

We are even planning exclusive areas on the two mezzanines for people to book For their own social circle of friends and family.

This will make the barn experience completely unique!