LEDBURY Dance Company are excitedly waiting for the new term to begin. After having a very successful winter term, which saw our students preform to small audiences again and taking part in a very successful season of Royal Academy of Dance Examinations we are all looking forward to getting back to basics and working on our knowledge, history and technique.

2022 is a great time to start joining classes, as they say it’s never too late. As an adult joining a new dance or exercise class is not only stimulating for your feet, but your mind and heart. As an experienced Ballet and Pilates instructor there is no doubt that once you start dancing, the music and joy takes over and you can’t help enjoying what you are doing. Whether you have dabbled or are a complete novice to joining a dance or ballet class, now is the time to get involved. Ledbury Dance Company has classes specially designed for all our seasoned twinkling learners, with classes to help improve your mobility, posture, co-ordination and energy levels. From a pliè to a Pas de Chat or a battement tendu to a Pirouette all steps are broken down and learnt in manageable bitesize portions.

For all ages, it is an exceptional time to start dancing as we are striving to develop and innovate all learners, whatever the level you are, to the right style and achievable outcome to your personal goals.

At Ledbury Dance Company we offer many classes for young and Senior students. From beginner Silver Swan ballet classes to advanced adult Ballet classes, toddlers and teens ballet, street dancing, cheerleading, contemporary dance, gentle over 60s movement and music exercise class, gym dance and mixed ability Pilates we can offer a diverse range of exercise for both men and woman to become involved in. All forms of exercise are so important to your health and mental well-being, along with the physical appeal of dancing there is also a unique atmosphere and camaraderie during class with newfound friends.

Ledbury Dance Company which by its name is a collection of Dancers, is always happy to welcome newcomers to its purpose-built studios in Ledbury Town Centre, in Bye Street, Sear House Studio next to Coffee#1 and Day Lewis Pharmacy. Why not drop along to pick up some information on the new timetable which starts in January. We welcome everyone to start at any time of the year, with teen and younger students working to the general term timetables and adults, Pilates and exercises classes offering an optional 1 or 6 class blook booking and with children being able to do a 3-week trial booking. For more information contact details can be found on our web page ledburydancecompany.com or our social media, Ledbury Dance Company on Facebook or ledbury_dance_Company on Instagram or LedDanceCompany on Twitter. Send Principal, Karen Jones, and the Team a message and let dance be the chosen passion of 2022. We are looking forward to seeing you in the new year. Live to dance.