Celebrations of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee have started in Ledbury with a tree planting event.

Organised by Ledbury Town Council, the planting was attended by a host of dignitaries from across Herefordshire yesterday.

The Mayor of Ledbury, Andy Manns, said he was grateful for good weather as guests gathered at the cemetery in New Street on Thursday (January 13).

“The Platinum Jubilee tree planting went very well and is down to the excellent teamwork and organising by the staff and groundsmen of Ledbury Town Council,” said Councillor Manns.

“There was a very good attendance by our guests which included local dignitaries, councillors, council staff, working parties, and members of the public. The weather was excellent for this time of the year, for which I'm very glad.”

Among those in attendance were the High Sheriff of Herefordshire Jo Hilditch; deputy lieutenants James Hervey-Balthurst, Sue Furnival and Lt Col Andy Taylor; the Mayor of Hereford Paul Stevens and Mayor’s Officer John Marshall; the chairman of Herefordshire Council, Sebastian Bowen, and Deputy Mayor of Leominster Trish Marsh.

“This was a historic and memorable occasion as there has never been a Platinum Jubilee for our monarchy before,” said Cllr Manns. “This is the first one and may be the longest reign ever in British history.

“It was a very successful occasion that was enjoyed by all,” he added.

“Ledbury Town Council were lucky enough to be awarded 15 trees through the Queen’s Green Canopy scheme. The trees are a mixture of cherry blossoms and they will all be planted in various locations in the cemetery.”

The Queen’s Green Canopy scheme is a nationwide initiative to mark the Queen’s 70 years on the throne.

Individuals, community groups, schools, villages and businesses are being encouraged to plant trees during the official tree planting season, which runs until the end of March and starts again in October.

The focus is on planting sustainably and on creating a legacy for future generations.

The Queen’s Green Canopy will also dedicate a network of 70 ancient woodlands across the UK and identify 70 ancient trees to celebrate the jubilee.