Kicking the month off with innovative performances by our youngsters, Inspired Festival will be taking the Courtyard Theatre by storm on the first weekend in April. 

Youth theatre groups from Ledbury, Bromyard and Courtyard themselves will be coming together to perform in this festival on Saturday, April 2 and Sunday, April 3. 

Performers will be showing their one-act plays which are designed for young people. 

A spokesperson from Courtyard Theatre said: "The Courtyard’s Inspired Festival was created by and for young people.

"It is a platform for our Intermediate Youth Theatre groups to use theatre to express what is important to them.

"This year The Courtyard, Bromyard and Ledbury intermediates will be performing one-act plays created for young people.

"Inspired Festival is a real highlight in our Youth Theatre calendar and is a chance to see our intermediate members at their best – come along and be inspired."

Both performances begin at 7pm and last around 140 minutes and tickets can be booked through Courtyard Theatre's website. 

The age recommendation for attending these performances is for people over the age of 14. 

Tickets to attend Inspired Festival cost £10 for both adults and for children under the age of 16.