Ledbury MP Sir Bill Wiggin has been criticised after asking the Prime Minister why Britian lets in the “wrong sort” of immigrants.

Boris Johnson was taking questions on a range of topics during the Parliamentary Liaison Committee on Wednesday (March 30).

“At the other end of the spectrum, we have on at least three occasions promised the Qataris visa-free access,” Sir Bill said.

“These are very wealthy people who are unlikely to stay and yet despite saying we would do it three times we still haven't delivered.

“I am really worried, Prime Minister, that everything you have said to us today I actually want to happen. But it isn't happening, and the only people who are turning up turned up in rubber boats.

“Why can't we get the right people through our immigration system instead of the wrong ones?”

Mr Johnson asked in return: “If I understand you correctly, Bill, what you are saying is, why can't the Qataris and other Gulf countries have visa-free access?”

Ledbury Reporter: Sir Bill said he doesn't want "people in rubber boats"Sir Bill said he doesn't want "people in rubber boats"

To which Sir Bill replied: “We wanted Ukrainians, we want Qataris, we don't want people in rubber boats. And we’re not getting it.”

Ledbury town and county councillor Liz Harvey said Sir Bill’s comments were unacceptable.

“I think we have received a really informative insight into our MP’s true motivations and attitudes with these remarks – and it presents a pretty dismal picture,” she said.

Ledbury Reporter: Boris Johnson faced questions from MPs Boris Johnson faced questions from MPs

“It’s worrying that our MP’s urgency here was primarily to advocate for fast-tracking visitor visas for rich tourists from a country with a shocking human rights record, whilst seeking - almost as an afterthought - to stigmatise refugees and asylum seekers arriving in the UK by sea. 

“His later comments, about local people keen to offer homes to Ukrainian refugees, are a blatant attempt to shift attention away from his original offensive remarks. I’d say such dissembling should be beneath him, but clearly it’s not.”

Ledbury Reporter: Cllr Phillip Howells called Sir Bill's comments 'disappointing and unsavoury'Cllr Phillip Howells called Sir Bill's comments 'disappointing and unsavoury'

Philip Howells, also a town and county councillor for Ledbury, said: "I find it very disappointing and unsavoury wording when our MP seems to be saying 'You can into this country as long as you are the right sort of person and have money'.

"Sadly, this seems to be the Government approach to compassion for the real needy, which is totally at odds with the overwhelming generosity and concern being shown for desperate people trying to find a safe place to live, by his Ledbury and Herefordshire constituents of whatever political hue."

Sir Bill, who was knighted in the Queen's New Year's Honours in January, has also been widely criticised on social media for his comments.