Sir Bill Wiggin is one of just a few dozen MPs not to have an active Twitter account, analysis of his online activity reveals.

Analysis by Motive PR shows the Ledbury MP did not have a Twitter account at the time the research was done at the end of March.

This means he is one of just 57 MPs not using the popular social media app.

There is a Twitter account claiming to be Sir Bill but despite being set up in February 2012 and having more than a thousand followers, it has never tweeted and doesn’t follow any other accounts.

MPs that do have an account send an average of 3.5 tweets per day, while Labour MP Karl Turner is the most prolific tweeter – sending an average of 26.1 per day for 12 years.

The roughly 600 MPs with accounts had sent almost eight million tweets between them by the end of March.

But Motive said they found little correlation between the number of tweets and retweets an MP sent, and the number of followers they have.

Despite his steady output, Mr Turner has fewer than 41,000 followers – below the average of 54,300 for MPs with accounts.

Boris Johnson has the most Twitter followers of any MP

And though he has tweeted fewer than 6,000 times, Boris Johnson's account is followed by 4.1 million people.

The Prime Minister is one of just four MPs with more than a million followers – ahead of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (2.4 million), current Labour leader Keir Starmer (1.2 million) and ex-PM Theresa May (1 million).

Of parties with at least 10 members, Labour was reaching the largest section of the electorate – with an average of 63,500 followers each.

Meanwhile, the Scottish National Party's 45 members averaged just 29,300 each.

Despite not taking their seats in the Commons due to their abstentionist policy, Sinn Fein MPs have tweeted almost 80,000 times from their official accounts.

Sir Bill, who has been the MP for North Herefordshire since the 2001 General Election, does have a Facebook page and a website that are updated regularly.