A DISTILLERY in rural Herefordshire has called on the Government to simplify how alcohol is taxed to help the business.

Penrhos Spirits welcomed North Herefordshire MP Sir Bill Wiggin to the distillery, near Kington, keen to win his support for the UK Spirits Alliance's campaign to back similar companies in Westminster

The family-run business, with a vision of creating small batch, artisan, cropper distilled spirits using their orchard and farm botanicals, grain spirit, and their own natural water, co-founder Charlie Turner said it was fantastic to see the MP.

The campaign seeks to ensure the Government implement a fair duty regime for UK spirits producers after the closure of the Treasury's consultation into the Alcohol Duty Review on January 30.

Initially launched by the Chancellor at the autumn 2021 Budget, the review aims to simplify a complex tax system. The Treasury is currently reviewing industry responses to the consultation.

Currently, spirits are taxed at more per unit of alcohol than cider, beer and wine.

Charlie Turner said: "It was fantastic to welcome Sir Bill Wiggin MP to Penrhos Spirits. We're really proud of the products we produce and so it's great to get the support of our local MP.

"We have asked Sir Bill to take the message back to Westminster that the best way to support businesses like ours across the country would be to ensure the Government back spirits and back producers like me."

Mr Turner's firm grows and harvests fruit and crops grown specifically for the production of its gin and liqueur. Major products include Penrhos Dry Gin, Penrhos Rhubarb Gin, and Penrhos Apple and Elderflower Gin.

A spokesperson for the UK Spirits Alliance said: "It's great to see MPs across the country recognising that spirits are a British success story.

"Hospitality is a huge element of the UK spirits industry, and distillers provide billions every year to the Exchequer."

"But we need the Chancellor to support the industry as we reform alcohol duty, to build on the Prime Minister's Queen Speech commitment to 'support Scotch whisky and gin producers'."

"This is a once-in-a-generation chance to make the alcohol duty system fairer and more representative of modern drinking trends."

Sir Bill, Conservative MP for North Herefordshire, said: "I really enjoyed my visit to Penrhos Spirits where I met Charlie who is producing spirits that capture the essence of England.

"UK spirits is a British success story creating jobs, investment, and economic growth across all four corners of the UK, including here in Herefordshire.

"I want to see the Government support spirits producers like Charlie, as the Treasury looks to reform the way alcohol is taxed."