THERE are fresh hopes inconsiderate parking could be tackled in Bromyard.

People in Bromyard and finding it increasingly difficult to drive through the town centre as people flout double yellow line rules.

Coun Gill Churchill said she wanted traffic enforcement officers to visit at different times as drivers left cars parked opposite Lloyds Bank in Broad Street and outside the pharmacy in High Street.

Coun Barry Quantrill, who runs Sewology in Broad Street, also said at the Bromyard and Winslow Town Council meeting that customers were finding it "more and more of a struggle" to park in the town centre.

But he said there were a "fair few" shopkeepers parking on the street, where time is restricted, and just moving cars when traffic wardens visited.

He said there needed to be flexibility with the traffic enforcement officers, and they needed to come at random times.

Asking a question of ward councillor Nigel Shaw, Coun Churchill said: "I believe that the yellow peril, I can't remember what you really call them, the traffic meter people, are they run by the council [Herefordshire Council]?

"Can you ask them kindly to come to Bromyard nearer the end of the day when people are parking alongside the flower boxes, they park in front of the white things they put on the road to stop people parking there, and it is difficult for people to drive through the town.

"I know they work until a certain time, but it's getting more and more difficult to drive through the town because of cars that are just parked anywhere."

In reply, Conservative Coun Shaw said he would be happy to ask the question.

"Yes, it's perfectly possible to ask traffic enforcement officers to come at almost any time of the day.

"I've had them here in the evenings before when we've had problems outside some fast food places."