POLICE have been back patrolling a popular spot for trespassers near Malvern.

An officer from the Malvern safer neighbourhood team carried out patrols yesterday at Gullet Quarry, in Hollybush.

This is where a number of people have drowned in recent years.

Malvern Cops shared that PCSO Watson, of the Malvern and Upton safer neighbourhood team, was in the area yesterday.

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Gullet Quarry has repeatedly been the scene of police action, with 51 swimmers moved on from the site in the summer of 2020.

In 2013, the notorious beauty spot claimed the lives of Justas Juzenas, aged 22, of Ross-on-Wye and Russell O’Neill, aged 17, of Worcester who both drowned there in July of that year.

Shocking photos released in 2020 showed around 50 people gathered by the side of the water for a barbecue.