What is your name? Lynn Hare

What is your business? Made with Love Ella

What do you sell? I buy material and then add value by turning it into fleece dog toys, pet bed covers and blankets; and for the humans , canvas tote bags and coming soon - corduroy courier bags. I work full-time so everything is made in my spare time on the kitchen table. It’s our way of saying “Thank you” for all HWAR do for the dogs.

Where can you find y0ur content for sale? Details and photos of merchandise can be seen on Facebook at ‘Made with Love Ella’, or come along to my stall at the HWAR Annual Dog Show on The Grange, Leominster on Sunday September 4. I’m also at Eaton Bishop’s Village Hall, on the first Saturday of the month 10am - 12 noon (check ‘We are Eaton Bishop’ Facebook page for details.

I was impressed by the dedication of the staff and volunteers at the Hereford and Worcester Animal Rescue (HWAR), they don’t just give the dogs food and shelter, they give love which includes lots of cuddles. All the dogs are assessed and, if required, worked with to give them a better chance of finding their forever homes.

My dog, Ella (mixed breed - German Shepherd/Rottweiler type), was a rescue from HWAR three years ago.

She hadn’t had the best start in life through no fault of her own, she needed training to correct behavioural problems. HWAR saw beyond her issues and gave her a secure place to thrive. Now she is a loyal, patient dog living a life of luxury. Dogs teach us so much about ourselves.

What advice would you have for anyone wanting to adopt a dog? Be realistic about how a dog will fit into your lifestyle; choose a dog with compatible energy levels to your own. Don’t just choose a dog on its looks, get to know the dogs personality. Give your dog time to adjust to its new surroundings and don’t overwhelm them in the first few days, be patient you have a lifetime to get to know each other. Your dog has already been rescued now you need to provide a secure loving home.

Sadly, as our lives start to return to normal, the cute puppies everyone rushed out to buy during the COVID lockdown are now being disregarded and shelters are struggling to cope with the amount of unwanted pets. Please consider adopting a rescued dog or maybe you could fostering. It is so worthwhile and rewarding.