POLICE have reunited a tortoise found in a car park in Herefordshire with its owner after it went on a five-day-long adventure.

Deano the tortoise, who wandered away from his home in Leominster, was put in the care of Herefordshire Wildlife Rescue after he was found on Sunday (May 8).

He had wandered into a patch of brambles in the garden and did not come out again on Saturday night (May 7).

Frantic with worry, his owner spent four days walking around the area searching him.

"He's a rescue tortoise and his deformed shell means if he falls over, he can't get back up again," said his owner.

"I had visions of him dying in a hole because he got stuck, so I was overjoyed when the vet called to say he'd been found."

Dr Sasha Norris, zoologist and founder at Herefordshire Wildlife Rescue, said: "Deano was brought in after a kind man found him sat in the middle of Lidl car park.

"According to the finder, he was just lying there where he could easily have been run over and he thought he'd better pick him up.

"He's a very friendly tortoise who has enjoyed the dandelions and cucumber we have provided. He seems to like to have a stroke on his shell."

The rescue centre registered the find with the police and with local vets.

Marches Vet had a report of a lost tortoise and so they were able to locate the owner.

"Whenever we get an animal handed in like this, we have to check that the home is suitable and that the owner is genuine before we release the animal," said Dr Norris.

"Deano seems to live a life of luxury, having the run of the garden and ground floor of her home."

A spokesperson from the Herefordshire Wildlife Rescue said it is important when you find an animal to hand it in to accountable organisation so that the owner can be found.

"Deano is one lucky tortoise," said the spokesperson.