INCREDIBLE footage captured on a motorist's dash-cam shows the moment a huge meteor lit up the night sky in Herefordshire as it crashed down towards Earth.

Ross Watkins, 34, was driving home from visiting his dad in Worcester when he spotted the fireball near Brockhampton, Herefordshire, at 12.40am on Thursday morning.

His dash-cam cameras captured the meteor plummeting towards the ground from space as it entered the Earth's atmosphere.

Mr Watkins, from Bromyard, said it was an "extremely impressive" sight as he drove along the A44.

The support worker for adults with learning difficulties, said: "It was quite incredible.

"I had just been visiting my father in Worcester and was driving home when I saw this sudden bright light flash across the sky.

"I thought 'what on earth was that' and pulled over a short time later just to check I wasn't imagining things.

"At first I thought it might have been a shooting star but it looked way too big for that and when I checked online this morning the UK Meteor Network confirmed what it was.

"It was an extremely impressive sight and I was really lucky to be in the right place at the right time with clear night skies.

"It's not something I have ever seen before and doubt I will see again, so it was quite special really. "

The UK Meteor Network, which monitors meteors in the skies above the UK, called it a "significant fireball".

The group said it was picked up by 15 of its cameras at 12.39am and had received more than 200 public reports.

It was spotted by people from as far away as Crawley, West Sussex, St Albans, Herts., South Wales, Devon, Cornwall, Plymouth, Birmingham and Somerset.

Richard Kacerek, founder of UK Meteor Network, said: "Last night at 00:39 UT 15 UKMON cameras picked up a very large meteor event that we call a fireball, a very bright meteor entering Earth's atmosphere over Somerset."

He added: "Visually it was quite spectacular, with a green colour, with the different colours usually pointing to the composition of the meteoroid."