Bronze Age and Roman artefacts found in Ledbury could be put on display in Hereford.

A Bronze Age spearhead, a second century drinking vessel and Roman coins, tools and brooches were found by archaeologists on land near the viaduct.

They were excavating the site ahead of its development by Bloor Homes, which is planning to build up to 625 homes.

The artefacts are currently being assessed by Cotswold Archaeology but could find a permanent home in the county, as Hereford Museum Resource & Learning Centre has requested the finds for its research collection.

Information boards explaining the history of the site will also form part of the finished housing development.

The excavation has now been signed off by Herefordshire Council’s archaeologist and backfilling of the site is complete, so building work will go ahead.

Ledbury Reporter: The Severn Valley Ware vessel before it was taken out of the groundThe Severn Valley Ware vessel before it was taken out of the ground

A spokesperson for Bloor Homes said: “We engaged Cotswold Archaeology several years ago to undertake surveys and initial archaeological investigations of the site as part of the planning application preparation and determination process.

“They conducted a site-wide geophysics survey to identify areas that might be of archaeological interest, which in turn influenced the location of 30 trial trenches, dug in order to establish the presence of any archaeological features.

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“The objective of the trenching exercise was also to identify and target any areas for further, future investigation.”

After gaining outline planning permission last year, Cotswold Archaeology was invited to excavate an area of the site identified as being of particular interest.

“The excavation revealed the presence of a possible stock enclosure, roman pottery and coinage, and a fine example of a Middle Bronze Age spearhead,” the spokesperson added.

Ledbury Reporter: Trenches dug by archaeologists at the viaduct siteTrenches dug by archaeologists at the viaduct site

“An adjacent contingency area was opened up to consider if this area of archaeological interest extended further south, though no further finds were uncovered.

“The Hereford Museum Resource & Learning Centre have requested the finds for their research collection as this will ensure their long-term preservation, availability for study and public benefit.

“The archaeological investigations will also feature in an interpretation of the history of the site on information boards which will be erected by Bloor within the public open space on the site in due course.”