DYMOCK Village Past Times is a thriving community page on Facebook with global reach.

The group shares memories and photographs from Dymock creating an online network of togetherness for the community to enjoy.

The group has shared some images and told their story here today in the hope it may encourage other groups to set up similar groups.

It clearly has benefits for everyone involved and helps to create a living memoir for the people of this lovely village.

Each posting sparks memories for visitors to the site which can be found by logging onto Facebook and searching for “Dymock village past times.

From humble beginnings to what the group is today, Paul Pearson tells the story of Dymock Village Past Times:

Paul Pearson said: “After the Golden Jubilee event in the village in 2012 and the photo display in the church, many of the old village photos were kindly lent to us from Horace and Daisy Dudfield for the display.

There was a lot of interest about the photos and people in them. Horace was thrilled to hear this as he said he would like somewhere to share these photos for all the village to see. In 2013 there was a get together in the parish hall, I cannot remember what the meeting/event was about but I was asked by Horace to bring along some of my family old photos for him to help identify as many had no names on the back.

There was much interest with my photos and the ones Horace had brought along.

A lady who was a school teacher at Ann Cam in the 1950s who was there helped name a school photo Horace had.

This event gave me the idea to set up Dymock Village Past Times on Facebook and somewhere to share the old photos from the village for all to see.

The group had much interest from the start and people from the village started sharing photos and stories from the past, this attracted people to the group who had left Dymock, some many years ago and it also helped reconnect people who hadn’t seen each other or lost touch over the years.

We had members join the group from places such as Australia, Canada, USA, and other countries from around the world who all had a connection with the village and now with the group being active there was somewhere to post photos, ask questions about Dymock, help with family history.

It was wonderful to see and Horace and Daisy were both thrilled with all of this.”

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