MCDONALD'S has revealed the reason behind the closure of one of its restaurants in Hereford.

Some drivers were left puzzled on Thursday when they drove past the Belmont Road restaurant and drive-thru and it was closed.

And a McDonald's spokesperson said it would be closed until next month, but didn't give an exact date for its reopening.

They said the drive-thru and restaurant in Belmont Road was undergoing a refurbishment as part of a new redesign programme.


“We are excited that our Hereford, Belmont Road restaurant is being refurbished as part of our Convenience of the Future programme with a new design and innovations which will improve the experience of our customers and my team," they said.

"We have closed temporarily and I look forward to re-opening early in June.

As part of the £250 million investment, which is taking place over the next four years, restaurants will be upgraded.


That will include redesigning the front counter for "different sales channels", which should cut down queuing, McDonald's said.

There will also be dedicated parking spaces, an entrance and waiting area for delivery drivers, and the kitchen will be redesigned to speed up the process.

As part of the company's project, restaurants will have the car park layout changed so it's easier for drive-thru and click and collect customers to get their order.

There will also be redesigned crew rooms to "create a more relaxing and comfortable space for crew to take a well-deserved break".

The Commercial Road restaurant remains open.