RICHARD Hammond has been pictured filming his new show at the Diglis Fish Pass.

Richard Hammond can be seen wading in the water and looking down into the fish pass from above.

The filming was part of his Britain's Beautiful Rivers with Richard Hammond series on Channel 4.

The pictures were shared by Unlocking the Severn, the project responsible for the creation of the fish pass.

The former Top Gear presenter, who lives over the border in Herefordshire, is fronting the new four-part series, which focuses on the River Severn, the Test, Clyde and Derwent, exploring the historical, ecological and economic importance of each.

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In the first episode, Hammond follows the Severn from its source in the Cambrian Hills to the Bristol Channel via Worcester.

The episode aired on Saturday, March 28 at 7.55pm.

What is the Diglis Fish Pass?

The purpose of a fish pass is to allow fish to move past manmade blockages in water. In Diglis, the weir means that many fish looking to travel upstream struggle due to the two-metre separation.

The weir was installed in the 1840s to create a deeper, more reliable pool of water upstream for boats.

Stronger fish like salmon are occasionally able to get past the weir by jumping, but many species do not possess the required strength.

The pass consists of 11 small pools, each just 20 cm higher than the last, making it more manageable for the fish to swim through.

The fish detect the stream of water in the river and can travel upwards, with walls in each pool relieving some of the force created by the water. 

Can you visit the Dilgis Fish Pass?

The last ‘drop in sessions’ are this week, including a 10am-4pm event on bank holiday Thursday.

Due to limited capacity in the underwater viewing gallery, the Unlocking the Severn team will be giving out tickets for 20-minute viewing slots, which can be collected from the fish pass entrance on the day of the drop in session, and are first come first served.

90-minute tours of Diglis Island and the fish pass will be available in the near future.

More information, including dates and booking info can be found here