Jeremy Vine has been hailed for helping save a man’s life after a Ledbury woman remembered his tips on spotting the early signs of a heart attack.

Mary Long-Dhonau had been listening to the broadcaster interview Dr Sarah Jarvis on his radio show about the importance of acting quickly in a medical emergency.

Less than an hour later Mary, 52, was setting up for the Flood and Coast conference at the Telford International Centre on Monday, June 6, with her colleague Dave.

She noticed Dave suddenly felt faint and she remembered the advice from the Radio 2 show.

Mary asked him to list his symptoms and became convinced he was having a heart attack so immediately asked another exhibitor to call an ambulance.

Dave was rushed to hospital where doctors confirmed he had suffered a heart attack and he underwent surgery to have three stents fitted with a further two planned.

Mary, who was awarded an OBE for her services to combat flooding, said: “Dave was helping set up the display, which is quite a complex procedure, when he said, 'I feel faint'.

"I said, you're not having a heart attack are you, because that is one of the symptoms?'

“He was saying 'don't be so stupid'.

"He would not have it that he was having a heart attack. He thought at one point I was overreacting.

“He told me he would go to the doctor in the morning but he became clammy, weary and began to suffer chest pain.

"I had just listened to Jeremy Vine and I knew it was a heart attack.

“If we had not been listening I would not have known all the symptoms.”

Mark Arrowsmith, who was setting up a display for Watertight international, then called an ambulance.

Mary said: “The ambulance probably saved his life.

“Dave has since thanked those who helped him after coming out of theatre, telling her he had had three stents fitted and was having two more.”

She publicly thanked Mr Vine on Twitter and he responded, saying “incredible”.

Dr Sarah Jarvis tweeted: "Obviously I wouldn't wish a heart attack on anyone but how amazing that you were there, knew the signs to look out for after my discussion with Jeremy Vine and were able to get them emergency help. Rapid action saves lives - well done you!"