These historic helicopters have been spotted flying over Ledbury.

Steve Ellis managed to grab his camera quickly enough to capture a picture of the aircraft, which are thought to have been making their way to an air show at RAF Cosford.

The helicopters are a Sea King, Wessex, Whirlwind and Lynx.

The Sea King is best known as a rescue helicopter for both the Royal Navy (in its red and grey livery) and the RAF (yellow livery).

The Westland Sea King also had wartime roles for both armed forces during the Falklands War, the Gulf War, the Balkans conflict, the Iraq War and the Afghanistan War.

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Another helicopter more often recognised as a rescue aircraft, the Westland Wessex was built as an anti-submarine and utility helicopter.

The Whirlwind, another manufactured by Westland, was first produced in 1953 and primarily served with the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm in anti-submarine and search and rescue roles.

The Westland Lynx, first built in 1971, was intended as a utility helicopter for both civil and naval use. It’s a fully aerobatic helicopter with the ability to perform loops and rolls.